Are you good at self motivating or do you need some accountability? We explain which plan would best suit your personality.

 After 12 years in the military, it is pretty fair to assume that I have developed a strong habit for personal motivation. That is to say, when I now have a task at hand I am confident of planning and executing that task without the help of someone to hold me accountable. It is also pretty safe to assume it wasn't always that way! - it is something that I had to learn out of necessity.

So, where do you think you fit on the 'self-motivation spectrum'? Because if you can answer that question wholeheartedly and truthfully, you will be in a better mindset to understanding which Recal plan is going to work better for you.

Recal Basic Plan

If you are very good at sticking to a programme and motivating yourself daily to follow tasks then the Recal Base Plan ($289) will serve you well. Even though you won't have the access to a health coach you will have access to dozens of articles in your online to negotiate most questions that could arise.

If you feel after a while that you are struggling and need a health coach to help out, you can simply get a Coaching upgrade ($1160), depending on how far through the programme you are, we will simply refund any weeks that you have not used since starting.

Recal with Coaching

If you struggle with motivation and you think you could do with a professional health coach to facilitate your programme and keep you accountable then Recal with Coaching ($1450) is the is the right choice for you. Your personal coach will schedule a 30-minute consultation with you every week and be a mentor for your success.

The good news? Our clients on the coached programme do historically reach their goals more effectively with the aid of a professional.


So, there you are. Decide where you best fit on the spectrum and start living today! 

''You can, you should, and if you have the drive to make a change, you will"





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