Incremental change over short term thinking

One of the main problems we see with clients embarking on a wellness journey is somewhere along the way our need for instant gratification has replaced the knowledge we intrinsically know; that success is not a linear process. Even while utilizing the best evidence-based approach to health and wellbeing we still have to implement these strategies consistently.

While we know a low-carb, healthy fat approach to weight loss and health is the quickest and most effective method supported by science, it still takes time and commitment. It is by no means a quick fix.

So what needs to change for success? Our mindset. Our most successful clients are the ones who embrace that fact that incremental change will reap better results than short-term quick fixes.

A lesson in behaviour change.

The story of tortoise and the hare hammered home the notion that slow and steady wins the race. But that doesn’t match our primal human need to immediacy.

A quick google search for ‘weight loss’, comes up with ‘rapid weight loss’, ‘weight loss fast’, ‘weight loss results’ and ‘weight loss quickly’. Basically we want it and we want it yesterday.

The problem with something like getting healthier, getting more energy or losing weight is that any of these things can be done quickly. Unless you underpin your actions with a solid foundation of habits and positive behaviours, it can all be undone just as quickly.

So here is five reasons why incremental change is the key to lasting success.

You will notice other benefits

When you’re fixated on what the scales say, or what your new personal best at the gym might be, you fail to notice pretty much anything else.

The fact is, you might not have noticed that the random twitching you get in your left eye was actually a result of eating too much sugar, or that falling asleep at night is much easier when your insulin levels are controlled. When you focus on losing weight by cutting out all sugars you miss the connection. Noticing that your body suffers from ailments because of your sugar intake - aside from weight gain - may just provide the information you need to keep at your new habit even after you’ve reached your goal.

Unless you underpin your actions with a solid foundation of habits and positive behaviours, it can all be undone just as quickly.

You will still enjoy your favourite things.

We all have our favourite foods that elicit an emotive response. For some it’s a cold beer, for others it’s cheese. Viewing re:cal as a restrictive dietary overhaul rather than a lifestyle would mean you can never partake in your favourite indulgences. We’re not saying you can expect to drink alcohol regularly and still take steps towards your goals, but by lowering your expectations to reach a goal by a certain date, you can still enjoy the odd treat to preserve sanity.

We do recommend committing to the initial ketosis phase of re:cal strictly for best results, before incorporating some of your favourite foods mindfully later.

You will be less likely to undo all your hard work

A [recent study]( at Brown University showed people who overly restrict their activity - be it eating or going out socially - end up bingeing on the food or activity they’ve tried to suppress.

Establishing a healthy habit over time also means you’re more likely to return to it as default once you do go off track. The opposite is true of crash dieting or lifestyle overhauls. It’s a phenomenon aptly called the “Ahscrewit” effect. It’s that point where you decide “eff this, it’s all too hard, I’m going to do or eat this.”

You will model responsible and realistic success to your loved ones.

For anyone with kids this is a big point to consider. Wouldn’t you love it if as an adult right now, in this moment, you didn’t have hang ups about food, having the perfect body or what your ideal life should look like? What if you could just accept yourself as imperfectly perfect.

Instagram and social media have led us to believe that in order to want to change things about yourself it’s almost implicit that you have to be uncomfortable where you are. I’m sure you’ve seen quotes like “nothing hurts more than staying the same.” It’s just not true. It’s possible to love yourself and strive for a better life, figure, relationships - whatever. The two are not mutually exclusive and actually a helpful and necessary  idea to grasp before doing anything on this journey.

You will still get there.

Enough said. If you remove time as a factor in your goals and you celebrate all successes, however incremental, you will get there.

So what does this mean for using re:cal?

We want you to use the re:cal nutrition and movement protocols to support the habits and systems you are developing in your life. We know that combining periods of nutritional ketosis and functional movement with an 80:20 whole foods lifestyle is a sustainable, evidence-based approach to metabolic health.

However, we want you to focus on building these systems gently and consistently without a time pressure. While each block of re:cal has a distinct timeframe, the time you can use these strategies and the skills you will learn have no limit.

As always feel free to come to us with any queries.


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