Jason's story

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is hearing or learning of the success our client's experience.

You can be having an average day, then you read a post, an email or you get a call and it changes everything.

I have been dedicated to this mission for a while now, and sometimes I think "f%^k is all the stress worth it?", then I read a story like Jason's, and it reminds me of exactly why we do this.

Jason's story

This is Jason's story. His story got me when I first read it.

More often than not, the lady of the house drives the health message, so when you get a duo like Kylie and Jason making such impressive changes, it makes you smile!

Well done team! Keep up the great work.

"I'm not much of Facebooker at all..... in fact; I'm pretty sure I have only ever made three posts, all of which were sharing my support when loved ones had encountered life-changing events both good and bad.

This time it was me that had the experience, and this one is well worth chalking up post number 4 as it was and is a life changer for me.

I'm 38 years old and growing up I played most sports you can think of and a couple of them at a very high level, I considered myself a pretty fit guy, and I managed to get away with eating and drinking whatever I wanted as it didn't seem to have an effect on me. The sporty lifestyle started to fizzle out when I was about 30, and so did the sporty body.

Apparently, a healthy weight for me is about 80kg, and earlier this year I checked in at 105, so yeah it was time to make some changes. I have done a few pretty extremo diets over the years as I'm a pretty full on person that is all or nothing with most things I do not to mention I'm extremely impatient. I now know these so-called diets I tried where pretty much starvation and in no way shape or form sustainable let alone healthy. On top of all this I realised I had been making all sorts of lame excuses for the last 8 years and blaming my shitty metabolism that hasn't been kind to me and must have changed when I turned 30, and that's the reason I'm packing extra pounds blah blah..... When actually this couldn't have been further from the truth and nothing but a load of crap.

Lucky for me help was on the way, and that came when I met my amazing partner Kylie about 2 years ago, she is a Natural Therapist with culinary training that lives and swears by the Keto lifestyle thanks to being introduced to it through the Rapid program also by Jay Harrison.

About a year passed in our relationship before she really started preaching the Keto ways to me and I'm glad she did cause looking back now holy shit was I living an unhealthy lifestyle which unbeknown to me at the time was affecting me in all areas of my life which she could obviously see. I finally decided to give the Keto thing a half-arsed go earlier this year for about 3 months on and off and managed to chop about 10kgs which definitely made me feel a bit better about myself, but now after my latest Keto effort I realised I was barely scraping the surface of the benefits that are available if you truly embrace the Keto lifestyle.

Today is day number 30 of a 28-day challenge that Kylie and I set out to do with my prize being the cheat day at the end that came and went 2 days ago with no cheating whatsoever.

This challenge for me was 100% driven by me wanting to lose weight and nothing else, and if that is all that I got from it I would have been happy but as cliche and bullshit as it sounds and yes I have lost a good chunk of weight which would obviously be contributing to my next comment about how good I feel, looking back over what I achieved in the last month the biggest benefit by far is how good I feel mentally.

Sure buying new clothes cause the old ones are too big, and people commenting on how good you look is uplifting and motivating, but I cannot express enough just how focused, energised and balanced my head and life is now with nothing but simple Keto based nutrition.

This last month has been an absolute life changer and sure the first 4-5 days were a bit of a struggle, but after that when the goodness kicked in I was off and haven't looked back. I now find myself preaching the Keto ways to friends and family and have managed to get a few of them on board, and they are all absolutely loving it.

Stick to the rules........ embrace the lifestyle and most of all be honest with yourself, and I can pretty much guarantee you will be making cheesy cliche posts like this one to the group. Thanks so much Jay, because of your knowledge, ambition and vision with wanting to educate and help people with the benefits of a Keto lifestyle it has finally reached me and I am so grateful."

Moral of the story lads? 

It might pay to listen to that lovely lady of your's. She might just help you change your life for the better.



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