Unexpected time pockets to exercise

Don’t have time to exercise?

Our lives are extremely busy trying to juggle everything, children, career, chores, partners, pets and the list continues…

What if you did have the time and didn’t realise? Below are some sneaky ways you can use to keep fit on days when free time isn't a luxury. Remember it doesn't have to take hours out of your day, as little as 10 minutes can make the a difference.

  1. Watching TV.

As cosy and comfy as that couch is looking right now, this is the perfect time to get active if you have been sedentary all day. Use the ad breaks to do squats and pushups, or do core exercises using the ad breaks as your rest.You have the added benefit of your favourite TV show as distraction. Perfect.

  1. Walking Meetings.

Sometimes your day at work is jam-packed, you don’t even have time for lunch. However, one suggestion we have is to look at your schedule and see which meeting would be suitable to take outside for a walk and talk. Fresh air, exercise and some sunshine will do both of you the world of good.

  1. Chores.

Instead of dreading that vacuuming and dusting that needs doing, look at that time as a way to get your body moving and some calories burnt! Add some vigour to your chores and see if you can work up a sweat! Let’s hope that no one's home while you prance around the house.

  1. Walk to your errands.

Have a think about what errands you have to achieve that day and chances are one or 2 could be reached by walking. A shocking statistic is that 90% of all car journeys are for destinations within 6 km. You can walk - or ride - to your errand and do yourself, the environment and the traffic congestion a favour. Whether it’s taking your son to soccer, or to pick up milk use that time as a way to get you and your kids active.

  1. Family time.

Instead of heading to the movies or out for a meal, use that time together to get outdoors and active. Take a hike through the bush, or a family game of tennis or soccer. Not only are you getting fitter, your family will benefit too!

Hopefully one of these ideas ticks a box for you and you can try implementing it into your day.


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