Health Coaching with Kylie

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Hi there, 

My name is Kylie Stowe and I will be your Health Coach.

As your personal health and nutrition coach, I work collaboratively with you to integrate healthy habits into daily life. Using holistic evidence-based techniques that are client centred and encompass all areas of your health including nutrition, psychology, behaviour change & wellbeing management, naturopathic health principals, and stress reduction techniques.

To put it simply I take the guesswork out of where to start, by offering guidance and support to ensure you are successful in whatever your personal health & wellness goals might be. Empowering you to:

  • Establish what your health goals are and create an action plan to ensure success
  • Determine what barriers have stopped you from accomplishing your health goals, and formulate effective solutions to remove them.
  • Develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits that eliminate the need to diet, and the mindset of restriction.
  • Feel confident reading food labels, and reconnecting with your innate ability to know how different foods impact your body and mood so that you feel empowered by your food choices.
  • Learn mindful and intuitive eating habits
  • Be accountable for your goals, while offering the supportive guidance required to ensure you follow through with them

What do I get?

Consultations are done in a supportive one to one format that is client centred. All consultations are done via skype or phone calls to work in with your schedule.

  • Prior to your initial session, you will be emailed a wellbeing assessment so I can gain a better understanding of your current eating habits, health goals & barriers.
  • Initial 1 hour consultation to discuss goals, current health and lifestyle concerns
  • Individualised health and wellbeing action plan
  • Individualised meal plan if required
  • Mindful food journaling & goal setting sheets
  • Daily text messages to check in and set daily intentions
  • Guidance around natural health supplementation if required
  • 7 x weekly 30-minute coaching calls (video)
  • Weekly email check-ins (for support, accountability & to troubleshoot any problems)