Genesis 14-day protocol

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Introducing the genesis protocol...
  • 14 day program
  • Rapid weight loss (up to 10kgs!)
  • Feel like your best self

Meet Bryan - a perfect example

He's lost more than the fat model (2.2kg) he's holding in 14 days and continued to lose more than 7 of them over his time with Recal!

That's more than 15kg total lost!

Do you feel like your metabolism just doesn't quite work as it should?

Do you feel like there is an innate internal knowing that your body isn't losing weight as naturally as it should be able to or that you don't feel as full of vitality as others do

You may need to push the reset button on that metabolism of yours. We have that button!

That's genesis.

Recal Genesis is a 2-week full immersion weightloss and health protocol. Designed to implement all the core aspects of our full protocols into a more dense fortnight long plan. Giving you a shotgun start to your health journey and a taste of our full capability to recalibrate your health

Why choose Genesis?

The protocol is designed to help you achieve the following;

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Mental clarity
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep 
  • An improvement in your skin complexion
  • Press that metabolic reset button

What you get

  • The complete genesis protocol
  • Food table guides
  • A bunch of delicious recipes

What you can expect and outcomes
We have worked with over 20,000 people and collectively transformed countless lives through the results that followed

Genesis is for fast results to get you motivated and started with a roar - these results set the stage for ongoing improvements across the board. The protocol also heals many metabolic functions which aid in the retention of weight loss and improved health biomarkers.

Regarding overall health - energy levels, complexion, blood tests, body composition, and more; these are all markedly improved over the 2-week program. Primarily a fast and effective metabolic overhaul powered by a scientific approach.